How to set a filter on a sub question element

You can set a filter on a sub question element from the Attributes window.

This example questionnaire has four questions:

[Q3] and [Q4] are questions relating to age and frequency of alcohol drinking. The first answer in these questions has a value of “1”, the second answer has a value of “2”, and so forth.

[Q5] assumes that the respondent is familiar with the different brands of beer while [Q6] assumes that the respondent is a beer drinker and asks the question why they drink beer. [Q5] and [Q6] will be asked only if the answer to [Q3] was “18-39 years” or “40+ years” or if the answer to [Q4] was “Often” or “Occasionally”. A filter needs to be set for [Q5] and [Q6] so that these questions are asked only to those allowed to drink (underage respondents are eliminated) as well as to those who are already beer drinkers (non-beer drinkers are also eliminated). After you have entered the filters, you can view these in Structure view.

(In this case, the filter on age on the 2 last questions are in fact redundant since a filter “”Often” or “occasionally” on “How often do you drink beer?” would simply be enough)