How to create a screened out message

If you want to screen out someone from the survey, i.e. “Not in the target group”, you can easily create an outro panel specified for these respondents:

  1. Create a info panel in the questionnaire where you want the respondents to leave the survey. Write the proper information text that is to be shown. Other elements e.g. logos, pictures etc. may of course also be added.

  1. Set focus on the info element. Specify the following in the logic tab as shown below:
    • Exit=yes
    • Filter=open the filter builder and specify the categories that are to leave the survey (If this is true, please leave the survey)
    • Redirect=to any valid URL if desired, e.g. your home page (Note that you must specify a full URL using http:// or https://)
    • Status=Screened