How to create a question with open answer options

There are instance when you need to create an open answer question, which will allow your respondent to enter their responses in their own words. In practice, there are two ways that are most frequently used:

  1. An open text field with one or more lines (e.g. write and make your own comments)
  2. A single / multiple question with one or several open answer options, either alone or together with closed categories (pre-coded).

Create an “open only” question

This is created in the same way as a normal question from the “Insert new” banner:

  1. From the “insert new”, select “open” and specify how many open lines you want.

  2. Write your question text.
  3. The lead text to the open answers can be specified in the <Type your text here> fields below.

  4. If this is a question for “other comments”, i.e. you need only one field with several lines, select the open row. Specify number of characters to be shown and number of lines. If open text exceed the space allocated, the field will scroll during data collection. All text will be saved.

  5. An open line may be inserted as any row in a single or multiple choice type question, at any place (select “add row”).

Insert an “open answer” option in a pre-coded categorical answer list

There are instances when you want to give the respondent an “Other, please specify:” option. This can easily be done in Research Studio using the following procedure:

  1. Create a normal single or multiple question with fixed categories. Specify the question text and categories
  2. From the “Add row” button select “Open row”

    1. If you need more open rows, repeat the action to as many open rows you want (or simply push “Enter”). A new open row will be inserted after the previous one.
    2. If this is a single question, only one open row is (of course) allowed. You will get a validation error if you insert more than one.
    3. You may also add an open row using the (+Add)-button. Drag it directly to its destination.
    4. An open row will be added as last category. If necessary move this to another place using drag’n’drop.

Note: It’s only possible to insert open rows in single or multiple choice questions. You will therefore not be able to drag and drop an open row into a grid or a numeric question (If you change the question type from e.g. multiple to a grid after you have specified an open row, you will get a validation error)