How to limit input values in numeric questions

In a numeric (quantitative) question, you typically limit the respond to be within a specified range.

Range = value span (from-to) 
Allows numeric responses from a specified value to another. In this case a span from 1000 – 50000 (e.g. “How much did you pay for the car?”)

Use Range to Aggregate Quantitative Variables

If you have multiple rows on a quantitative question and would like the respondent to specify “Of the last 10 purchases you did, how many did you buy from…” you can specify this by:

  • Sum = 10
  • In a quantitative question; the allowable sum of these answers must be “10” or
  • Alternatively: sum = 9:11 (sum should be from 9 to 11)


It is also possible to rank e.g. the 3 best alternatives out of 6 (or all 6). Specify Rank = number you want to specify. The respondent will answer this question by clicking each response in the order they want to rank the items. The first click automatically generates a number 1, the second 2 etc. By clicking again, the number will be cleared. 

Note: A better way to rank is to use the interactive question "Click ranking". You can read about this in the chapter of Interactive questions.