How to create a synchronous filter

Research Studio has a special feature: “Synchronous”-filter. This means that each row in a grid question will be asked only if the respondent has answered the corresponding category in a previous multiple question.

An example: 

Sub-Question 1: Countries visited

Sub-Question 2: Evaluation of countries visited

  You can read more about the sub-questions concept here.

  1. Select Sub-question 2 from the filter drop down menu. The filter builder opens
  2. Then specify “Synchronous filter” from the advanced options

  3. The created filter will now work as follows:

Sub-Question 1:

Sub-question 2:

Only valid lines will show. 

Note that the categories must be synchronous between the two questions and the number of categories in “Sub-Question 1” must at least be as many as in “Sub-question 2".

The synchronous filter may also be used between ordinary questions, i.e. they need not be sub-questions in the same question. Note that if this is the case, the written text in the "other" open text field will NOT be carried through.