How to create a filtered question

Note: A filtered question will be asked if a filter is TRUE. To create a filtered question this can easily be done using the following steps:

  1. Select the question you want to be filtered.

  2. Click “filter” The filter builder will open (see below)

  3. Select the question the filter should be based on (condition)
  4. Select the categories that should be selected if the filter is to be TRUE
  5. Add the selection to the filter "Add this filter".
  6. If the filter is only one logical expression, Select "OK"
  7. If the logical expression consists of more than one filter, select a new filter and add this to filter

  8. When finished, select “OK”
  9. You may also add advanced options to the filter. Select "Advanced, and the following menu opens:

    The most relevant ones here is "Negate filter". This will set a "NOT" before the expression you have selected

  10. From the dropdown you may also select "AND" and "OR" between the filters. Using Parenthesis you may create almost any Boolean expression. 
  11. When OK, the syntax for the filter (or combined filter) will appear in the editor. Selecting the sub-question, you will also see this expression to the right in the options menu. Best practice: You may then copy this expression from one question to another without using the filter builder.