How to create inline quotas

  1. In the questionnaire designer, switch to the advanced tab
  2. Click “Add” (Inline quotas)

A two-step wizard will then help you to create and define initial targets for the quota cells.

  1. Select question(s).
    1. A quota cell can only refer to a single or a multiple question.
    2. A list of available questions will come up. Select the question(s) you want to be the base(s) for your quota cells
    3. Click “Next”

    Set properties

    1. Give the quota a name, e.g. “gender”, “age_groups” etc. Use only characters A-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _ (underscore)
    2. Fill in initial targets for the quota cells - and (optional) modify the quota cell names
    3. The initial targets may be altered / modified later

Save (a message comes up)

    Once you have created a quota definition, you may use it in an info element. Add an appropriate Exit-message (“Sorry, but quota is full”) and specify the following options in the info-element:

    1. Reference to inline quota (select a quota definition from the drop-down list or create new one)
    2. Status of interview on exit: Quota full
    3. If you would like to redirect on exit: Specify a URL or use a script, e.g. tailored to your sample provider
    4. Exit questionnaire=yes

    You may also use the quota definition in more advanced tasks. The quota is available as \@quot_<quota_name> in all logic in the questionnaire. If the quota is full, this variable has the value of ‘0’ (zero). If not, it contains the number still remaining. You may use this variable in filters or in scripts to do advanced questionnaire tasks.