How to import questions and sections from the library

The library in Research Studio is organised in 4 different categories:

  1. Elements (e.g. a ready formatted question, an standard info panel etc.)
  2. Sections (e.g. a series of demographic questions)
  3. Templates (e.g. best practice questionnaires)
  4. Products (e.g. branded research products)

The two first categories can be inserted directly into the questionnaire you are working on. From the two latter you can open the questionnaire as a read only (view). You can then copy as many questions or other elements from this and paste it into your working document. You can also replace the entire questionnaire you are working with a questionnaire from “Templates” or “Products”.

Note: If you use any parts of the library, make sure that the language of the library and the language of your working questionnaire is the same.