How to create a Questionnaire from Word

Questionnaires made in Word or other text documents can be imported in an easy way using the “Paste pad”. Click the “Paste Pad”-button on the Home ribbon to get started.

  1. Open the Word document and select the text you want to use (normally the whole document) and copy. Note: best practice is to remove all bulleted or numbered lists from the document before you copy.
  2. Switch to the questionnaire editor in Research Studio. You should already have created a new questionnaire (or opened another you want to edit).
  3. Select the “Paste pad” on the home ribbon.
  4. Paste the copied content into the paste pad (Ctrl+V)

  5. Start creating new questions following this approach:
  • From the drop down list: select the question type you want to create
  • From the question pad: Select the Question text and click the “Set Question text” icon (Ctrl+Alt+Q)

  •   Select the rows (as shown below) and add the rows (Ctrl +Alt+R)
  • If you have specified a grid question you can select the columns and add the columns (Ctrl+Alt+C).
  • Continue to next question and repeat the above steps