How to copy existing question(s) from one questionnaire to another

This is similar to what you do in other applications like MS PowerPoint, when you copy slides, either internally or from one presentation to another:

  1. Select the question(s) you want to copy. This can be selected from the left pane in the question view or from the question sorter in questionnaire view. Click “Copy” or Ctrl+C.

  2. Select the question you want to paste the question(s) after and click “Paste” or Ctrl+V.
  3. If the question(s) you want to copy are in another questionnaire, you may open the other questionnaire in a new tab. This can be done from any Project page. Open the other questionnaire in a read-only status by selecting "View" instead of “Edit”, if you do not intend to edit this other questionnaire as well.

  4. The other questionnaire will now open in the Questionnaire editor under a new tab. You may now swap between the two (or more questionnaires) and copy from one to another in the same way as described above.

  5. Note: Any logic from the copied questions referring to other questions or categories not present in the current questionnaire will come up as error messages when validating or testing the questionnaire.
You may also use the Copy/Pase icons on top of the control.