How to create a question using the “Insert new” buttons

1. Be sure that you are in the “Question View” and that the existing questions (or just the empty section if this is created from scratch) is shown in the left pane.

2. Select the question that you want to insert the new question after.
Then select the question type you want to insert from the ribbon and select number of rows / columns from the dropdown menu that appears (you may of course add or remove rows and columns later).

3. Place the cursor in the <Type your question text here> and write in the question text.

4. Then, place the cursor in the first row <Type the answer text here> and write in the categories. You may use the TAB key to advance to the next category. Similarly, if this is a grid question place the cursor in the first column text <Type your header text here> and advance to the next column by using the <TAB> key.

5. Note: The <TAB> key will advance to the next category. Using the <ENTER> key in the rows will add a new row after the one you are on, hence if you want to insert a new row in between two existing rows you can place your cursor in the preceding row and press the <ENTER> key. The same feature does NOT apply to the columns.

6. To add a new row or column to the question, you may also simply select the “add row” or “add column” button. The new row / column will be inserted as the last one.

7. To move a row or a column, grab the row or column by the grey handle and drag the row / column to the place where it belongs. A number of green lines will appear showing where you are allowed to drop the row or column. Drag the row or column to the desired position and drop it when the green line expands and a green plus sign (+) shows that: “This is OK”.