General overview

Superdig is meant to be a simple, yet powerful tool to create and publish basic data analysis from different data sources. It is originally created for analyzing survey data, but may very well be used as a general tool for analyzing any data source. With simple tools you may with ease be able to create exciting reports and Insights just in minutes.

A normal workflow will be as follows:

  1. To import your own data into a Project folder from e.g. an Excel file using the simple Import Wizard.
    1. Alternatively you can create a Project folder first and then start the import wizard from here.
  2. Create your analysis. Super dig offers you easy to create cross tabulations, Graphics, Dig (a target group analysis), topline and data reports.
  3. Publish the analysis to different modes, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Html-pages or online distribution to PC’s, tablets and mobile units.

Finally, all results will be stored in the project folder so you can share these with your other stakeholders. The analysis work session you have done will also be stored, so you can reuse this for later.