How to use the Automatic Mode

When you import a data set you are offered the choice to automatically convert multiple choice and grid questions into their correct format.

SPSS Sav and Excel files cannot store multiple choice responses in the same variable/column so individual variables are created for each response. The import process can automatically join the responses back into a multiple choice question. The same applies to grid questions in all of the import formats which will be automatically detected if the share the same categories.

To use automatic mode, just fopllow the steps and confirm “Automatic” and then “Finalize

If you want to manually modify, simply Select this. Merged variables will be highlighted in yellow and you can click on the new variable and edit the text if required. You can also deselect elements to be included in the new variable by click on the check boxes to remove the tick mark.

If you want to removed the merged variable and revert back to individual variables simple select the variable and click on the ‘Undo Grid/Multi question’ button.