How do I edit the content of cross tables?

When you have created the cross table(s), just click the “options” button and modify options. If you just want to modify one or just a couple, select the one(s) in which you want to edit the content and Right-click

  1. An “options Wheel” will appear
  2. Select “Edit options”, and a list of options will appear.
  3. The options now showing will either be the default options of Superdig or your personalized default options.
  4. The options are grouped in the following 15 sub-categories, where categories 1-6 will normally be the most relevant options. To read more about each of these options, these are explained in their own articles.
    1. Basic categorical values
    2. Basic quantitative values
    3. Filters and bases
    4. Table display
    5. Statistical
    6. Sorting
    7. Other quantitative values
    8. Decimals
    9. Other categorical values
    10. Advanced options
    11. Total columns overriding categorical values
    12. Total columns overriding quantitative values
    13. Advanced table display
    14. Advanced filter
    15. Advanced statistics
  5. Select and change the options you want to change. Click update
  6. The table will automatically be updated With the New options for the selected table(s).