How do I create a filter for cross tables?

  1. Select the table(s) you want to filter (or just click the Options button to set a filter on all tables).
  2. Right click and the “options wheel” appears
  3. Scroll down to the category “Filter and bases
  4. In “Filter definition”, open the filter builder and create your filter:
    1. Select the question from the drop down list
    2. Select the categories you want to use
    3. Select “Add this filter”

If you want to combine two or more questions in the filter:

  1. Create a New filter and repeat by clicking “Add this filter”
  2. Modify your combined filter by changing operators or adding paranthesises
  3. Specify whether you want the categories texts to automatically gereated or you create your own filter description
  4. Click “OK”
  5. Click update

Specifying filter:

Note that you ca see how many "cases" are in each category, as well as the combined filter, along with a  "bar-chart" at the bottom. When you click "Ok" your filter is transferred from the filter builder to the Options dialog:

Note that the filter definition now is shown in a "syntax" form. You can type this syntax directly, if you are familiar with the logic language. The "Filter description" can be autoatically generated, or you may simply type your own description.

The table is the shown with a filter documenation. This can be supressed if you want, and also the values shown in the filter documenation can be changed in the options: