How do I create averages in categorical grid questions in cross tables?

Superdig also enables you to create numeric values from semantic, categorical scales. This will most often be a single grid question and can be exemplified with the following:

  1. “On a scale from 1 = Totally disagree, 2 = somewhat disagree, 3 = neither nor..”
  2. “How often do you….”Every day, 3-5 times a week, once a week, 2-3 times a month…”

If you want to create numeric values based on these categories, you should use the following steps:

  1. Select the question(s) you want to edit. Right click and the Options wheel appears
  2. Select “Edit question
  3. To the right of the labels of the “Response columns” you may enter the categories’ weight value in two ways
    1. For a typical question 1 type above, you might want to set weight values to code values. Right click within the “Response columns” area, and Select.
    2. For a typical question of type 2 above, you will probably want to enter your own weight values. This can be done very easily by simply entering the respective weight values manually.
    3. The result will be a table where the average (or other numeric values that has been derived from the categories) will be shown below the categories
    4. Optional: If you want the table to show only the weighted values, you can enter the same question editor window and tick for “Show summary values only”