How do I create hierarchical (nested) tables?

In Superdig, it is simple to create an extra hierarchical level to the tables, both in table columns and in table rows.

  1. Select the first level questions into the row or columns drop areas.
  2. To create a columns hierarchy: Select the question(s) in the column group you want to be a first level question
  3. Then, on the left, in the question list, select the question you want as a second level and right click. Select “Add to column hierarchy”
  4. The table will now have two levels in the column. A green flag now indicates that this is a hierarchical table
  5. You can do this in the same way in the table rows. Select the question(s) in the row group you want as a first level question
  6. In the same way, in the question list on the left, select the questions you want as a second level and right click. Select “Add to row hierarchy”.
  7. A green flag now also indicates that the hierarchical structure, both in columns and rows. A base row for each level is displayed.

Example, selecting the "Region" question, and add to column hierarchy to the selected question "Gender"

The result is then: