How do I create custom categorical questions for my cross tables?

You may create your own custom questions for your cross tables based on the questions and categories you have in your data set. You may also create custom numeric indexes using arithmetic operators.

Follow these steps to create custom categorical questions:

  1. Select the “Created questions” tab on the left (besides the data set questions list).
  2. Create a new question specifying a categorical question
  3. Create the categories using the filter builder:
    1. Create the (combined) filter (Select responses and add filter)
    2. Add as row
    3. Keep the filtered name or give the new category a friendly name
  4. Give the Custom question an ID and a question text
    1. The ID must be one word using only a-z,A-Z,0-9 and underscore
    2. The question text can be anything you want.
    3. Repeat 1 – 3 above until all your categories have been created
  5. Add question
  6. From the “Custom questions tab” you may now drag the new question into either rows or columns and check that the new custom question has been created correctly
  7. If you need to edit your custom question, simply select the question and click the edit icon. You may also reorder the categories by simple drag and drop.
  8. Your custom question may also be used as an input question for creating a weight set for your data.
  9. At the current it needs some Advanced skills to create numeric indexes.

Example creating a combination of gender and age:

Using the created question in e.g the columns area: