How do I change the chart type and values to be shown?

To change the chart type, you select the question(s) you want to change, right-click on these, and the “Options wheel” appears

  1. Select “Edit options”
  2. From the Options window you may now specify the chart type and the values you want to be shown for your chart(s):
    1. Select chart type
      1. Available chart types are shown in a drop down menu (and in the picture above)
    2. Specify whether you want to have the chart stacked or not
    3. Specify whether you want the series to be the rows OR the columns
    4. If you want to have the values shown together with the data series, you may tick off for this
    5. Should the “Total” be included as a series.
      1. If you e.g. have a time series, the “Total” will be the sum of all observations hence this will normally not be an interesting series to show. The Total series will therefore by default NOT being shown.