How do I change the values to be shown in the chart?

Superdig can show different values in the graphics depending on your specifications. System default is to show vertical percentages only for categorical questions and average for quantitative questions. But you may very well change this by adding, changing or removing these value types in the options menu.

  1. To specify chart values, right click on the question(s) you want to modify, right click and select “Edit options” from the “Options wheel”
  2. From the options list, move down to Advanced Chart options, and select chart values from the drop down list:
  3. Research Analyzer can show the following different values in the graphics:
  • Value Description
    Categorical questions
    Vertical % Default value for categorical questions. Same as “Vertical %” in cross tables
    Horizontal % Same as “Horizontal %” in cross tables. To be used when having column groups
    Filter % % of the filter. Same as “Filter %” in cross tables
    # of interviews Un-weighted number of interviews
    Weighted # of interviews (pop) Weighted number of interviews
    Quantitative questions
    Average Note: For quantitative graphics, the only option is to show the average value. This will also be default value.

You can also specify the following advanced options for the charts:

  1. How many decimals should be shown for percentages
  2. How many decimals should be shown for averages
  3. Specify a minimum scale (axis) value (default = 0)
  4. Specify a maximum scale (axis) value (default = maximum value +)
  5. Specify a numeric value for each scale (axis) unit, e.g. 10

Note: If you want to change this permanently, i.e. you want to use these options as your defaults, you may change these using the “global options” button on the right hand side.