How do I sort charts?

In many charts, you will want to sort the Charts either ascending or descending to get a better insight. To sort your chart(s), follow these steps:

  1. Select the chart(s) you want to sort. The “Options wheel” opens. Select “Edit options”
  2. Scroll down to the “Sorting section” and specify the options:
    1. Sort chart: Tick off if you want the chart(s) to be sorted
    2. Direction: The direction of the sorting to be performed, descending or ascending
    3. Exclude: Should a number bottom values be excluded from the sorting prosess.
      1. Specify the number of rows that shall be excluded from the rolling. Normally this will apply to ‘don’t know’ and ‘other’ alternatives. These will come additionally to the numbers specified in the “Sorting maximum”.
    4. Sort maximum:
      1. Specify the n numbers of rows that shall be shown in the chart (“Show me the TOP N brands”).
    5. Sorting number: Show the rank number before the row label.

The above example shows Sorting descending, top 5 and the two categories at the end are left “untouched”.

Note: If there is a series, e.g. 4 months showing, the sorting will always sort according to the first series value i.e. first month