How do I edit texts in the charts?

You always have the possibility to edit and change text elements in questions when importing your dataset. You also have the option of editing the different text elements “on the fly” when running analysis.

  1. Select the question(s) in which you want to edit or override the text elements
  2. Right click and the “Options wheel” appears
  3. Select “Edit question” and the Question editor appears
    1. If you want to edit the Question text, simply place the cursor within the text field and edit your text / question label
    2. If you want to edit the rows (or columns in grid questions), simply double-click on the text and edit / write your new text / category label
  4. Update
  5. Note: This text edit / override will be executed for all appearances of the selected question(s) in the graphic section, regardless whether they are in rows or columns (series). So you will NOT need to change in all questions; Superdig will take care of this
    1. You may of course even override this override: Select the question you want to edit, right click and select “Edit options
    2. Move to the very end of the options menu (under “advanced table display” options) and specify “Text override”:
      1. Yes – default
      2. No – don’t override
      3. Break – Only override in the break (series) for the selected question(s)
      4. Row – Only override the text in the rows for the selected question(s)