How do I create a PowerPoint presentation?

Creating PowerPoint slides follow these simple steps:

  • Create the Charts as normal, and specify the options using the rich and comprehensive possibilities that has been explained elsewhere in the Help, Charts section:
    • “Edit options”. This include the options of sorting, filters, selecting chart type, showing values stacked, stacked, specify title in chart, etc
    • "Edit question”. This include the options of swapping rows/columns, creating categories from numerics, creating averages from categorical questions
  1. Click on the PowerPoint export button on the right side.
  2. Specify options for the PowerPoint creation
    • You can specify a PowerPoint template. This is a template stored on your machine (POTX or POT file). Typically this conatins your company logos, and styling.
    • You can check the "Title page" option to include a titlepage in the presentation.
    • You can specify a Title for the titlepage.
  3. Select either "Save..." to specify the filename and location of the PowerPoint file, or "Preview" to open the file directly in PowerPoint

Note that the PowerPoint presentation is generated on our Serveres. Once the file has been downloaded it is deleted from our server.