How do I create a target group using the filter builder in Dig?

  1. Select the button for “Options”
  2. In the chapter: Target group specify the following
    1. Target group text
    2. Target group definition
  3. In “Target group definition”, open the filter builder and create your filter:
    1. Select the question from the drop down list
    2. Select the categories you want to use
    3. Select “OK”
  4. The target group has now been created
  5. will automatically be updated with the “Target group text” documentation in the title.

If you want to combine two or more questions in the target group:

  1. Create the first filter and move it to the right section by clicking the arrow “right-up”
  2. Create a new filter, and move also this to the right
  3. Modify your combined filter by changing operators or adding paranthesises
  4. Click “OK”