How can I make the Dig analysis more robust?

By default, the Dig analysis will analyze every category in the questionnaire / selected questions towards the target group.

In some cases you will want to merge some categories, in order to make them bigger and more robust.

An example: A customer satisfaction grid question has a 10 point scale on several attributes. You want to see which of these attributes that corresponds mostly with also being in the target group.

  1. Select the grid question(s) from the left and drag into the drop area
  2. Right click, and the options wheel appears
  3. Select Edit question
  4. Merge your categories, e.g. 8,9 and 10 and give them the name “Top 3 Box”
  5. Disable other categories
  6. Update and “Run”

You will now have more robust categories that will give your analysis more impact.