How can I use the Dig to analyze differences between two target groups?

By default, the Dig run the analysis between the target group and the total.

You may however also use the Dig tool to find interesting differences between two target groups by following these steps:

  1. Open the Dig Options
  2. Specify a target group as normal using the filter builder: (e.g. “heavy users of a certain product”)
  3. Scroll down to “advanced” and specify “Universe”. Create a “Universe target group” using the filter builder. This defines the new total. Remember that the first target group must be a subset of the Universe target definition, e.g. Universe = Target group 1 (“Heavy users”) + Target group 2 (“medium users”)
  4. Update and Run
  5. The analysis will now show the differences between the heavy users and medium users, which e.g. may give you some ideas to look for when it comes to drivers