How to publish and save your analysis

At any time you can publish to several different formats. Run your analysis as described other chapters.

Click the preferred publish mode by selecting one of the icons to the right:

  • Word: Cross Tables, Topline, Dig (Charts to come soon)
  • Excel: Cross Tables, Charts, Topline, Dig, Data
  • PowerPoint: Cross Tables, Charts, Topline, Superdig, Data
  • HTML: Cross Tables, Charts, Topline, Superdig
  • Online report: Cross Tables, Charts, Topline, Superdig

Publish and specify your output options.

From the options menu, you can specify file name, template name, style sheet, page orientation etc.

When you close your analysis, Superdig will remember all your settings, and you can return to your data set at any time where you left off:

You can also save your session with your own friendly name, e.g. “Tracking July” by clicking the “Save” icon to the right.

The saved session can be re-opened later from the same icon.

The published file (e.g. an Excel Work book) will now appear in the projects folder in Superdig.

Click the “Open projects” icon in the upper left corner” of the blue ribbon. Note: For Mac you will see the path to the file when trying to open. Go to this path, or search for the file in Your “Finder”.

You will then be able to view your published files along with your saved sessions.

Note: Global publish options

You can also specify your standard print options:

  1. Click the grey “Global options” icon to the right
  2. Specify your print options
  3. Update

These options may be changed at any time.