Application Object

The main application object is automatically created after a successful browser capability check and should not be manually created. The object is accessible through the global variable miReportApp. 

Browser capability check 

The following browser capabilities are checked before the application instance is initialized:

  • "withCredentials" in new XMLHttpRequest()
  • typeof JSON === "object" && typeof JSON.parse === "function"
  • "sessionStorage" in window
  • typeof jQuery !== "undefined"
  • typeof miReportApp === "object"
If all checks are true the application object will be initialized, otherwise a message will be shown.

Built-in Frameworks and Libraries

The Application has native support for
  • jQuery, version 2.1.4
  • jQuery Mobile, version 1.4.5
  • Bootstrap, version 3.3.7
  • Highcharts, version 4.2.5

Note: loading any of these frameworks/libraries, or other versions of them, manually or via the page model may cause unexpected conflicts.