Backfeed Error Codes

Code Description
1 Invalid Outcome Code
2 Invalid Contact History ID
3 Date of Contact required and not supplied
4 Date of Contact prohibited but was supplied
5 Don't Contact Before required but not supplied
6 Don't Contact Before prohibited but was supplied
7 Re-Contact Date required and not supplied
8 Re-Contact Date prohibited but was supplied
9 Reward Points required and not supplied
10 Reward Points prohibited but was supplied
16 Update with a higher priority is not allowed
17 Update with a lower priority is not allowed
18 Update with the same priority is not allowed
19 Update with out for interview is not allowed
20 Update with not out for interview is not allowed
21 Interview Start datetime prohibited but Start Time was supplied
22 Interview Start datetime required and Start Time not supplied
23 Interview End datetime prohibited but End Time was supplied
24 Interview End datetime required and End Time not supplied
25 Interview Start and End NOT Prohibited and Interview Start is after the Interview End