Introduction to Backfeed URL

How it works

Any interview that a candidate is invited to participate in is recorded as contact history. This contact history can then be updated during or on completion of the questionnaire by processing a set of returned parameters and outcome codes.

A URL link is passed back to Q_Panel to confirm any (or all) of the following details from the interview.

did [child database id]
occ [outcome code value]*
ref [unique reference number]*
rid [response id]*
ins [interview start date]
ine [interview end date]
tzo [timezone offset]
rdu [redirect URL]
pts [reward points]

Items marked with * are required, although only one of the unique reference number [ref] or the response id [rid] are required.
Note that if both ref and rid are supplied the response id will be used in preference.
The URL path to the backfeed page is as follows:
http:// website base address/


The candidate requesting the Backfeed page does not get logged into Q_Panel. Therefore the system allows for a trusted login specifically for the backfeed URL to pass information back to the Q_Panel environment.

Receiving and processing the backfeed URL

Data is provided back to Q_Panel via the URL where it is added to the queue of records awaiting processing by the Backfeed service. These records can be various status updates e.g. interview activated, interview completed etc. 

The Backfeed service is a windows service which runs periodically to process all the backfeed records held in the queue and update the contact history with the outcomes.