Licence Manager

Licence Manager can be used to renew the QuenchTec Panel licence using a licence file (.lic) which will be sent to you by the QuenchTec support team.

Select Licence Manager from the Security menu and the current licence details for your installation will be displayed.

Only users with administration rights can access the Security menu.

The screen shows the expiry date of the current licence and the maximum databases, records and concurrent sessions that are allowed.

A summary of the Q_Panel modules that are installed is also displayed.

Renewing your licence

When you receive your licence file from the QuenchTec support team, please save it to your file system. The licence file will have a .lic extension.  Apply the licence by clicking on Add Licence from the toolbar.

Click on Browse to select the licence file and select OK to apply.

The licence screen will be updated with the new expiry date, and any other changes applied with the new licence.