Introduction to Crosstab

CrossTab allows you to run cross-tabulation queries on a Q_Panel database.

Log in

Start your browser and type in the website address (URL) for the CrossTab program on your server.  This will bring you to the Log in screen:

Enter your username and password and click the Login button.  Username is not case sensitive but Password is.

The CrossTab screen

The CrossTab screen is divided into several areas. 

Header The header bar at the top of the screen shows the currently logged-in user, the language and database.  Use the log off button to exit CrossTab.     You will need a separate URL for each Q_Panel database.
Menu The menu bar consists of a set of functions made available in context.  These functions mainly deal with maintaining crosstab definitions, and exporting results.
Variables The variables pane shows the hierarchy of variables which may be used in the crosstab analysis for this database.  The search function can be used to show only variables that match the search criteria entered.
Named Filters The Named Filters pane shows a list of Named Filters currently defined within the database which may be used in the crosstab analysis.
My CrossTab The main part of the screen shows the crosstab definition and display options, and the area below will display the results once the crosstab has been executed.

To maximise the screen area and show the CrossTab screen in full press the F11 key on your keyboard.  The F11 key toggles screen maximization on and off. For best effect also turn off Explorer’s status bar.

Log off

End your session by using the Log off button in the header bar, remembering to save your crosstab definition and/or results if required. This returns you to the CrossTab login dialog.

Close the CrossTab Log in window.

If you are inactive for 20 minutes CrossTab will log you out automatically and you will lose any unsaved changes, although you will be given a 30 second warning that the session is about to expire.