Creating a simple crosstab report

A crosstab report is based on a definition which consists of one or two variables and optionally a set of conditions (a filter) that specify the data to be analysed.

Create a simple crosstab report by choosing a variable for the Column and/or a variable for the Row.

You do not need to define a variable for both Row and Column, reports can be executed using only one variable.

To add a variable to the report expand the variable hierarchy and drag the required variable into the Row or Column box.  Press the Execute button.

You cannot add more than one variable to the Row or Column.

In the example below, variables from the Profile folder hierarchy have been selected and the crosstab executed so that the results are displayed in the area below.

This simple crosstab analysis displays the counts for the values of the Gender variable against the values of the Region variable. 

As a filter has not been used, the results show the counts for the whole database.  Any uncoded value or response within the selected rows and columns – in this example uncoded Regions or Genders - will be automatically included in the count and shown as ‘Uncoded’.  There are no uncoded values for this report, so the Uncoded counts are zero.

Change the variables in the Column or Row by clicking on the Remove button and selecting a new variable.

Whenever a change is made to a crosstab report the Execute button must be pressed to update the results.

To begin a brand-new analysis, click on the New button in the menu.  The crosstab will be cleared, ready for a new report.

Display options

By default, the counts returned are absolute values, but this can be changed by editing the display options.

In this section we will cover the Absolute display options.  Increment display options will be covered in another article.

The Absolute Display Options allow the user to display Total, Column or Row percentage values in addition to, or instead of the counts.  The percentage values can also be displayed at up to 3 decimal places.

Each percentage is displayed in a different colour, and the absolute values are displayed in black, both in the display options pane and in the report results. 

When the display options are changed you must press Execute again to redisplay the crosstab report using the new display options.

More display options

In order to see the results on a larger screen there are two things that can be done:

  • Hide the crosstab definition by clicking the Options button on the menu - this will toggle the crosstab definition on or off.
  • Hide the Variables and Named Filters panes by clicking on the Show/Hide button (see below).

In the example below, the crosstab definition and the Variables and Named Filters panes have been hidden to show the results in full:

Individual columns can also be made wider or narrower by hovering the mouse between column header names and dragging to resize.