Using filters in CrossTab

Filters allow you to define a set of conditions based on variables within the panel database.  CrossTab reports can use filters to analyse a particular subset of the data.

Filters can be saved as Named Filters and re-used in other CrossTab reports and also in Panel Manager.  Any Named Filters already defined within Q_Panel are displayed and available to use within CrossTab.

Adding a new filter

To add a new filter, click on the Edit button in the Filter area to display the CrossTab Filter dialog. 

Click on Add Critera to see the variables available for filtering.

CrossTab filters are defined in the same way that named Named Filters are defined in Q_Panel.

Select the required variable and specify the condition, click on OK to save. 

For example, if we add a filter based on the Annual Salary variable it will be displayed on the crosstab definition as follow.

When the report is re-executed the results will be updated to display counts of Gender by Region only for those panellists where the Annual Salary is £50,000 or more.

The profile variables that are available for use in Named Filters are defined in Hierarchy Manager, which can be found within the Maintenance menu.  In order to be available for use in a named filter, a variable must have the ‘Allowed in Named filters’ checkbox ticked.

If the Execute button is disabled after adding a new filter, this could mean that the filter is invalid, for example it may use variables from incompatible levels.  Edit the filter to correct the problem.

Using virtual dates within filters

When using filters based on dates in CrossTab, it should be noted that if a virtual date range is used, it does not matter whether the Project Date or Run Date is used to define the range, the date used will be the date that the filter is executed. 

( This is not to be confused with the behaviour of a virtual date range activity filter in Sample Manager).

Saving a Named Filter

To save a filter as a Named Filter for future use, click on the Save button under the Filter definition, enter the new Filter Name and press OK.

The new Named Filter will appear in the Named Filter area of the CrossTab screen available for use.  (It will also be available for use in Panel Manager and Filter Manager).

Using a Named Filter

From the Named Filter area drag the required filter into the Filter box.  The display box will be updated to show the definition of the filter.  (Any filter currently defined will be removed).  Press Execute to re-run the crosstab report using the Named Filter.