Using increment variables in CrossTab

By default, CrossTab uses  absolute display options which show counts of panellists, sample invitations, events or emails sent, depending on the execution level of the crosstab report.

Increment display options allow the user to select a numeric variable to report on.  For example, if the increment variable selected is Reward Points, crosstab can be used to report on reward points earned or claimed.  A suitable filter can be added to specify the event dates and/or event types required.

Adding an increment variable

Use the increment display options to select an increment variable.

Click on the

  button and select from the available variables.

The increment variables that are shown in CrossTab are defined in Hierarchy Manager, which can be found within the Maintenance menu.  In order to be available as an increment variable in CrossTab, a variable must have the ‘Allowed in CrossTab increment’ checkbox ticked.

The Increment display options allow the user to display Total, Column or Row percentages and/or the Mean values in addition to, or instead of the counts.

Absolute display options can be switched off by unchecking the options or can be displayed alongside the increment values.

For example, if we add Reward Points - EH as an increment variable with a filter on event date, the crosstab definition is as follows.

When the report is executed the results will be updated to display counts of Event History Reward Points by Region for events during the month of December 2015.

If the Execute button is disabled, this could mean that none of the display options have been checked, or that the variables, filter and increment variable selected are from incompatible levels.  Edit the crosstab definition to correct the problem.

Removing an increment variable

Remove an increment variable by clicking on the Remove button