How to use Date Picker

Adds a date picker making it simpler for a respondent to select a date.

Note: This iQuest will only work on a multiple question with one open ended row.


  • Date Format – The format the selected date will be entered into the text field.

  • Week Start Date –Select whether weeks are displayed starting on a Sunday or a Monday.
  • Autosize – Auto size the Text input field to match the selected date format.  Otherwise the size is set by the options for the row in the Research Studio questionnaire editor.
  • Month Drop Down – Add a drop down menu to the date picker to allow the respondent to select a month.

With month drop down

Without month drop down

  • Minimum Date -  The earliest date the respondent can select.
  • Maximum Date -  The latest date the respondent can select.


  • Debug – For advanced users only, this option will display JavaScript errors as they occur in an internet browser.