Classes used in Q_Dashboard pages

The following CSS classes are used by the Q_Dashboard pages:

Bootstrap is loaded in order to be able to use multicolumns layout etc.


Class Where used
html general top class
body general top class

Q_Dashboard classes:

Class Where used
mi-hidden general class used to hide various content
mi-preview-alert ????  
mi-preview-alert sub class Where used
alert ???
mi-preview-alert-float float
mi-icon-button header button
mi-icon-button-menu header button menu
mi-icon-button-reload the reload button
mi-icon-button-logout logout button (x-close button)
mi-icon-navigation navigation button at bottom of page
mi-icon-navbutton-prev navigate previous button
mi-icon-navbutton-next navigate next button
mi-startpage div wrapping the start page
mi-startpageheader the header on the start page
mi-loginpage div wrapping the login page
mi-btn-login login button
mi-preview-logintext ????
mi-divlogin div containg login info
mi-divlogin sub class Where used
mi-form-control text and password entry
mi-formcontrol:focus text and password entry with focus
input[type="text"] the login text field
input[type="password"] the password field
mi-reportheader the header on login and regular pages (common class)
mi-reportfooter the footer on login and regular pages (common class)
mi-pageheader the header og regular pages
mi-pagefooter the footer on regular pages
mi-loginheader the header on login page
mi-loginfooter the footer on login page
mi-navpanel div containing menu panel
mi-navlink-item menu item
mi-navlink-close close???
mi-navlist-item item li?
mi-navlist-close close???
mi-footernav div containing footer navigation
mi-footernavtext footer navigation text
mi-component ???
mi-component-loading ?????
mi-reportcontainer div wrapping one full page
mi-reportpagescontainer div wrapping all pages
mi-reportpage div wrapping single page