Submitting a sample for output

To create the sample output file submit the sample project to the Job Queue but with the Report Only option unchecked.

To re-submit the sample project with output:

  • Go to the parameters tab and un-check the Report Only option.
  • Save the sample project.
  • Click the prototype to bring up the Samples list - note that the type is now Sample.

  • Select the MySample sample project and Submit it. Click Submit again in the Sample Submit dialog to submit it to the Job Queue.
  • Refresh the screen periodically, by clicking on the Prototype name, until the Status changes to Complete.

In the samples list the Outstanding column is populated in the form ‘ n of m’. This shows that m panellists have been selected for survey of which n have not had a backfeed outcome code. As codes are received n will reduce.

Here are the first few rows of an example output file:

PanellistID,Email Address,First Name,Last Name,UniqueRef,Gender

If the sample is set to use replicates, more than one output file will be produced.

Once output has been created (Report Only unchecked and status is Complete) the sample project is locked against change. This is to preserve the connection between issued output files and the projects that created them.

If you need to make changes make a new sample project using the Copy function and save it with a new name.

Generating the output file at a later stage

The output file can be generated at a later stage using the Sample Action/Output function.  The generated file can then be saved to a location chosen by the user.

Some installations may choose not to produce an output file at the end of the Job Queue process.  This can be done by adding the setting <SuppressOutput>0</SuppressOutput> to MARSC.cfg.

The Output function, available under the Sample Action menu for completed samples, will generate a delimited file containing all the output columns for the selected sample, which can be viewed and/or saved to an appropriate location.

Note that this function does not exactly reproduce the sample output file(s) generated by the Job Queue, the differences are:

  • a comma delimited file will be produced, unless a different delimiter is specified on the output tab
  • coded and logical columns will be output using descriptions rather than codes
  • one output file will be generated containing ALL panellists, regardless of whether replicate batches are specified

A message, similar to the following, will popup, allowing you to open and/or save the results to the required location.

The Output function may not be available for some samples created using older versions of MARSC if the sample uses output columns that are no longer compatible with the current version.  If this is the case, an error message will be displayed which should indicate the reason for the incompatibility.