Viewing event history

History Manager allows event history to be searched, viewed and/or exported to a comma-separated file.

Select History Manager from the Panel Management menu to see the history search dialog.  Change the display level to Other Events.

Select an event category from the drop-down list.  Each category contains one or more event types.  Select one or more of the event types.

Event Date Range

As an additional filter you can enter an Event Date range by selecting the Event Date Range checkbox and entering the start and end date.

Click on Show History to view the event history records that meet the criteria.

All events meeting the criteria will be displayed. Scroll to the right to see more information, including the event date.

The Cint Points event category is specific to installations integrated with Cint. 
The Recruitment, Profilers, Referrals and Rewards categories are only relevant to installations using Q_Community.

Exporting event history

The event history can be exported to a comma-separated file using the Export button.

 A message will popup, allowing you to open and/or save the results to the required location.

The exported event history file will contain data for all the events currently displayed.  If any filters have been applied only the events displayed by the filter will be exported.

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