How to use Auto complete

This changes a long answer list into a text box that suggests possible answers as the respondent types their response. The suggestions are taken from the rows of the question, if the respondent selects an answer contained in the rows that row is selected as their answer. If the respondent enters an answer that is not contained in the rows their answered is entered into the open ended row to be coded later.

Important Question Structure Requirements

For this iQuest to work you need to have a Single Choice question with at least 2 closed rows and the final row needs to be and open row.



  • Label Text - Enter the text that is shown on the left of the input box.
  • Input text box width – Set the width of the text box displayed using number of characters
  • Characters entered before searching list – The number of characters the respondent must enter before suggestions are displayed.


  • Debug – For advanced users only, this option will display JavaScript errors as they occur in an internet browser.