Viewing mailing recipients

When a mailing wave has been processed, the mailing screen will be updated to show the mailing wave status as Processed.

Click on View Recipients to see a list of all the email recipients in the job along with their current status.

Sorting recipients

Display columns can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. 

For example, if the Status column is clicked once, the recipients are then re-ordered by ascending Status.  Click again to order by descending Status, this then shows the Failed emails at the top.

We can see in this case that one email failed - probably because the email address is not valid as it contains an illegal apostrophe.

An email sent to a panellist may have the status Failed if the panellist is set to Do Not Contact.

Click the Status column header again to revert to the original order.

Filtering recipients

To apply a filter, enter the filter text in the appropriate box and select a filter type.

For example, to search for recipients called ‘DEAN’, enter the text DEAN into the Firstname box, click on the Filter button and select the filter type EqualTo.

The screen will be updated with only recipients where the first name matches the text ‘DEAN’ exactly.

Remove the filter by clicking on the Filter button again and selecting NoFilter.

Note that when using the Between and Not Between filter options, two values should be entered separated by a space.

Export Recipients

The recipients can be exported to a comma-separated file using the Export button. 

The following message will popup, allowing you to open and/or save the results to the required location.