Viewing event history using Panel Manager

Panel Manager allows you to view and/or export the Event History for a particular panellist.  The reward points balance for a selected panellist can also be adjusted by adding (or removing reward points).

Retrieve the required panellist by executing a suitable filter, tick the checkbox next to their name and click on Event History from the toolbar.  You can only view the Event History for one panel member at a time.

The Event History screen will appear listing event history details for the selected panellist in date order.

Note that contact history events from MARSC versions pre-7.02 stored only the last outcome code captured.  MARSC 7.02 onwards stores all outcome code events.

If the panellist is a Q_Community user then community events will also be displayed.

View the details of a specific event by selecting the checkbox next to the event and selecting Properties from the toolbar, or by clicking on the event description.  This will bring up the Event History dialog.

Events and reward points cannot be edited or deleted.  If the number of reward points for an event is incorrect the total reward points for the panellist can be adjusted by making a manual adjustment.

Adding reward points (manual adjustment)

To add (or remove) reward points, select the New button from the Event History screen.  The New Event History dialog will appear.

Add the new event history detail using the following fields:

Date The date of the event automatically defaults to the current date and time. The date can be changed by clicking on the Calendar Popup button and the time can be changed by clicking on the Time View Popup button.
Description The event history description defaults to Manual Adjustment and cannot be changed.
Detail Enter a description for the new event history record.
Reward Points Enter the number of reward points for this event either by entering the value directly into the field or by using the up and down arrows.  A negative number of reward points can be added (except when Cint integration is active). For installation integrated with Cint a negative number of reward points cannot be entered.

For example, to give a panellist ten extra reward points, add event history details as follows and select the OK button to save the new event.

The bonus points will be added to the panellists reward points total and the event history screen will be updated to show the manual adjustment event.

Export event history

The event history can be exported to a comma-separated file using the Export button on the Event History screen. 

The following message will popup, allowing you to open and/or save the results to the required location.