Using the Prize Draw function in Panel Manager

The Prize Draw function offers a facility to randomly select a number of winners from all the panellists who have completed a survey within a given time-period.

To do this, the user must enter the qualification period start and end dates and a number of winners to be selected.  Q_Panel will randomly select the required number of winners from those panellists who have completed a survey within the qualification period entered and display the results in Panel Manager.  The user can then decide how to deal with the winners - for example, by sending an email to them, exporting the list to excel, or adding extra reward points using the Event History function.

The selection is weighted according to the number of completed surveys a panellist has within this period, so if a panellist has completed three surveys he/she will be three times more likely to be selected than a panellist that has only completed one within the period.

For example, to select five panellists who have completed a survey within the month of May, we could enter the following:

When OK is selected, five panellists will be randomly selected from those who completed a survey in May.

Q_Panel will not store the winners, the user must notify the panellist and/or award points by making use of other features available in Panel Manager.