Email Queue Manager

Email Queue Manager is used to monitor the progress of mailing waves.

When you click the Send button or the Test button for a mailing wave, an email job is created. The Email Queue Manager monitors the progress of the email job.

When an email job is complete it disappears from the Email Queue Manager. In some cases this happens too rapidly to be seen, but larger jobs may be significantly demanding. 

Create a mailing and send it. Open the Email Queue Manager to watch progress:

The status is Queued while the job is waiting to be processed.  When the job starts processing the status will change to Running and the total number of emails in the job will be displayed.  The screen is refreshed periodically and for large jobs the number sent (or failed) can be seen increasing throughout the processing.

When a job is complete it is removed from the queue.  Completed jobs may be viewed using Mailing Queue Manager from the Administration menu, or Mailing Manager from the Panel Management menu.

Scheduling Email Jobs

When an email job is submitted the priority defaults to 5, although this can be changed by the user.  Priority 1 is the highest priority and priority 10 is the lowest.

Only one email job can run at a time.  The Email Send service determines the next job to run based on the scheduled date/time.  If there is more than one email job due to run within the next minute (or where the scheduled date/time has passed) then it will choose the job with the highest priority.

If an email job pauses while it is running (perhaps due to errors) the scheduled date/time will be reset to retry in 5 minutes.  During this time another lower priority job may run as scheduled.  Any other jobs will need to wait until this second email job is complete (or if it also pauses).

The length of time to wait before re-trying an email job can be configured.  Contact the QuenchTec support team for more information.

Re-scheduling Email Jobs

While an email job is Queued the priority and/or the scheduled date/time may be changed by clicking on the email job description, or by selecting the checkbox next to the job and clicking on Properties.

An email job may also be deleted while the status is Queued.

When an email job is Running you cannot manually pause or delete the job.