Using Codebook and Reward Points Review reports

The Reports menu contains two standard reports.  No parameters are required.  Each time a report is run is it saved along with the date and time so that results may be compared with the previous report.

Codebook report

The Codebook report provides a frequency count of all categoric (single and multi-code) and Boolean database variables.

Reward Points Review report

The Reward Points Review report gives a summary of points awarded and redeemed for each month in the current and previous year. The overall values give the total for the whole database, i.e. the overall total for all dates.

Running Reports

Select the required report from the Report menu.  If the report has already been run at an earlier date the previous versions will be listed, otherwise the screen will be empty. 

By default, only reports created by the current user will be displayed.  Display reports created by other users by clicking the View All Owners checkbox.

To run a new version of the report, click on New from the toolbar. The New Report screen will appear.

Click on OK to run the report.

It may take some time to generate the report, especially if the database is large (or has not been regularly indexed).  When the report has finished running it will appear at the top of the list of reports and can be viewed by clicking on the report name, or by checking the box next to its name and selecting Properties from the toolbar.

Deleting reports

To delete an old version of a report, select it by checking the box next to its name and selecting Delete from the toolbar.