Maintaining event types

Event Type Manager is used for maintaining all event types:

  • those generated by Q_Panel and
  • those generated by the use of Q_Community

Most of the event types can be viewed using History Manager, and most of the event types used to keep track of community panel activity can be viewed using the MARSC My History web part.

From the Community menu, select Event Type Manager to see the list of event types.

Event Type codes

Code Description
-1 Manual adjustment.
1 Recruited.
2 Registration started.
3 Registration complete.
4 Membership complete.
5 Screened out of registration.
6 Screened out of profiler.
7 Part completed profiler.
8 Completed profiler.
9 Updated profiler.
10 Friend – registration started.
11 Friend – registration complete.
12 Friend – membership complete.
13 Friend – screened out of registration.
14 Friend – screened out of profiler.
15 Prize claimed.
16 Bonus awarded during prize claim.
17 Cint points correction.
18 Cint points from survey.
19 Cint panel payment.
20 Cint reward points.
21 Cint panel payment rollback.
22 Cint commission.
23 Cint other.
24 Panellist created.
25 Panellist enabled.
26 Panellist disabled.
27 Panellist anonymised.
28 Recommended a friend.
29 Referred by a friend.
30 Community login.
31 Email sent.
32 Email bounced.
33 Contact history created.
34 Contact history modified.
35 Contact history upgraded.
36 Q_Survey Profiler Presented.
37 Q_Survey Profiler Started.
38 Q_Survey Profiler Completed.
39 Q_Survey Profiler Updated.
10002 Registration complete (WP).
10003 Panel joined (WP).
10004 Panel left (WP).
10005 Referral bonus (WP).
10006 Prize claim (WP).
10007 Prize bonus (WP).
10008 Email verification started (WP).
10009 Email verification finished (WP).
10010 Login name changed (WP).
10011 Screened out of group (WP).
10012 Reset screened out of group (WP).
10013 Registration started (WP).

Event Types 17-23 are only applicable to installations with Cint integration.

Event Types 36-39 are only available for Q_Panel v7.04.

Event Types 10002 – 10013 are only applicable to installations that were previously using the old MARSC Web Panel application.

Edit an Event Type

Event types cannot be added or deleted, and the event type code cannot be changed - only the event description may be edited. 

Select the event type to be edited by clicking on the event type description, or by checking the box next to the event type and selecting Properties from the toolbar.  The Edit Event Type dialog will appear and a new description may be entered.

Click OK to save the new description or Cancel to cancel changes.

How events are displayed in Community

The events for a panellist can be displayed on the Q_Community website using the MARSC My History web part.  By default this will display events and contact history for the panellist.

Note that the screen shots shown for Q_Community are just an example of how the website could look using the MARSC web parts – the exact design and functionality will be different on your website.

The events shown can be customised using the data filter properties of the web part.

Some event types have reward points associated with them.  Reward points for prizes are set up using Prize Manager.  Reward points for completing profilers are set up using Profiler Manager.