Maintaining messages

Message Manager is used for maintaining validation messages displayed when running Q_Panel profilers on Q_Community.  Messages may also be created within Profiler Manager while creating or editing the profiler.

From the Community menu, select Message Manager.  If there are already messages set up in the database they will be listed.

To create a new message, start in Message Manager and click on New in the toolbar to open the New Message Detail dialog.

Add the new message in the default message text box and click OK to save it.  The new message will be displayed on the Message Manager screen.

To delete a message select it by clicking on the check box next to the message name, then click on Delete in the toolbar.

You will be asked to confirm the delete – note that all localisations for the message will also be deleted.  Click OK to confirm.

Note than if a required message used in a Q_Panel profiler is deleted from Message Manager the question will still be marked as required and will use the default required message instead.  The default message will be defined in either UI Cultures or within the relevant web part.