Cint Outcome Code Manager

Cint Outcome Code Manager allows each Cint response code to be mapped to a Q_Panel outcome code, so that the Q_Panel contact history for Cint surveys can be updated by the CintReceive service.

From the CINT menu, select Outcome Code Manager.  The list of Cint response codes will displayed along with any mappings already defined.

To view or edit a mapping, select the Cint response code by clicking on it or by checking the box next it and selecting Properties from the toolbar.   This Edit Outcome Code Mapping dialog will be displayed.

Change the Q_Panel outcome code by selecting from the drop-down list.

Note that if any Cint response code are not mapped and are returned by the Cint Receive service, the contact history record cannot be written.  These records will be stored in a temporary table in the Q_Panel database, but there is currently no way of re-loading these records.

Delete a mapping by checking the box next to it and selecting Delete from the toolbar.