Introduction to Q_Panel Web Parts

The Q_Panel CMS Web Parts articles contains documentation for all web parts that are specific to Q_Panel.  To learn about web parts in general, or to obtain detailed documentation for the Kentico CMS web parts included in the default Kentico CMS installation, see the Kentico reference guides which can be found at

The Q_Panel web parts represent web page components that provide content and functionality for Q_Community.

Using the Q_Panel web parts, users with the appropriate permissions can build or modify the structure of pages directly from a browser through the CMS Desk/Content/Edit/Design interface.

The values of these properties can then be set for individual web part instances through the Web part properties dialog by clicking on the Configure icon next to the web part name.

Full List of Q_Panel Web Parts

MARSC – Activation

MARSC – Change Username (only available in v7.04)
MARSC – CINT Prize Claim
MARSC – Pre Registration Before Unload Script
MARSC – My History
MARSC – My Prize Basket
MARSC – My Prize History
MARSC – My Profiler Wizard
MARSC – My Profilers
MARSC – My Referrals
MARSC – My Survey Invitations
MARSC – Panel Shortcuts
MARSC – Powered By
MARSC – Prize Claim
MARSC – Prize Details
MARSC – Refer A Friend
MARSC – Refer A Friend Link
MARSC – Refer A Friend Mini
MARSC – Unsubscribe User

MiPro - Profiler (only available in v7.04)
MiPro - Profiler List (only available in v7.04)

Default Web Part Properties

All standard web parts, including the Q_Panel web parts, have the default properties listed below. These articles do not describe the contents of these properties - for more information about the default properties see the Kentico Developers Guide or the Kentico CMS Web Parts Reference.


  • Web part control ID
  • Web part title


  • Visible
  • Hide on subpages
  • Show for document types
  • Display to roles

Web part container

  • Web part container
  • Container title
  • Container CSS class
  • Container custom content
  • Hide container on subpages

HTML Envelope

  • Content before
  • Content after


  • Use update panel

Time zones

  • Time zone
  • Custom time zone


  • Disable view state
  • Partial cache minutes
  • Partial cache dependencies

Output filter

  • Filter output HTML of web part
  • Resolve URLs
  • Fix attributes
  • Fix Javascript
  • Fix lower case
  • Fix self closing tags
  • Fix tags
  • Fix HTML5
  • Convert TABLE tags to DIV tags