How to monitor quota cells

From the “Fieldwork progress” overview, you can monitor the quotas and the fieldwork progress.

When quotas are full, further interviews within the quota cell will, be stopped automatically, and status of the interview will be set to “quota full” as long as you have defined an appropriate info element in the questionnaire, where you want the interview to terminate due to full quota.

Note: Quotas are counted as interviews completed. This means that if there is one interview left in a quota cell, all possible interviews belonging to this quota will be allowed to proceed. When one of them completes the questionnaire, the quota will be full. However, any other ongoing interview is also allowed to complete, hence, - you may experience ‘over’ quota. The longer the interview and the more invites you have sent, the higher is the likelihood of getting ‘over’ quota results. In case of too many interviews being an issue, you will have to remove the interviews later using the data tools.